Ready to go in 5 minutes

The perfect barbecue, lightweight, fast and efficient. Fire up to 350° degrees in 5 minutes. In your backyard, park, campsite or balcony. Thanks to the combination of lighting gel and airflow. Grease runs into a water reservoir avoiding it to catch fire and create smoke.
With the BBQ2GO the options are limitless

Make it easy, make it on the BBQ2GO

Smokeless grilling and easy cleaning

The BBQ2GO has an unique grease collector. You add water in the collector. The fat that flows trough the drain holes drips into the water so it doesn’t burn and smell. This also makes it extremely easy to clean.


Why is the BBQ2GO so heat efficient?

BBQ2GO is a compact barbecue that can fit 125 grams of charcoal, so we had to find ways to optimise the heat. We found out that when you keep the heat under the grill plate you get way more out of the charcoal and the grill plate heats up evenly.

BBQ2GO 350° degrees after 5 minutes


By placing the food around the charcoal grilling indirectly you keep the moist in the food. The temperature reaches up to 350° degrees, so you might want to lower the fan speed to reduce the temperature. You will have a stronger charcoal flavor when placing the lid. The lid can also be used to cover food on the grill plate. 

Imagine using wood chips and smoke the food under the lid. 🙂


Made of 1,2Kg aluminum it is light, it doesn’t rust, it heats up super fast and has 2 different sides. 

The ribbed side lifts the food a bit, so juices can run away, so you can actually grill and get beautiful sear lines and enough power to grill bigger pieces. 

If you want to stir or fry then just turn this Duo grill plate. Juices won’t run “away”, so you can wok easier. 

Cleaning this grill plate is super easy due to the unique ETC coating what can hold up to 400 Celsius. 


Placing the lift rack on top of the grill plate you can position the food 2cm above the grill plate. You can do that after you seared the food or from the start or avoid direct grilling. 

The fan gives you control over the heat and prepare the food slowly until you reach the desired core temperature. 

The thermometer in the lid shows you the information you need to in- or decrease the fan seed, so the temperature. 


After heating up you place the rack and the pizza stone. Then place the lid over it and let the pizza stone heat up for about 10 minutes, until it reaches about 230 degrees. Then you can start making pizza’s. 

You can of course also make flatbread or tortilla’s on this stone as this absorbs the moist for the perfect result. 

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